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From the hot party scene to the amazing family attractions, we chose well when we decided to come to Orlando!

We’ve all heard of Orlando beach. We’ve heard of Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, but did you know that you can wrestle an alligator here? Yes. With a trip to Gatorland you can do what so few have tried before and wrestle a freaking alligator! I mean hey, you’re already here to skydive, might as well. But alligator wrestling is not the only thing we love about Orlando and while yes, visiting the major theme parks here is fun, lets face it, if you’re diving with us you want to do something more than just hang with a princess right?

You want some adventure? Other than your skydive and wrestling alligators, why not take a drive down the singing runway? So a little back story "we’ll keep it brief, we promise" Disney used to fly planes in and out of the park on this runway as well as train disney bus drivers on it as well. Disney has it’s own “no fly zone” over the park and because of this, when they shut the landing strip down it became abandoned and grown over before being used as storage space. You can still get in today though, without having to enter the Magic Kingdom...yep...free. Once you do, if space allows, you can reach a speed over 45 miles per hour and the runway itself will begin singing “When you wish upon a star” to you due to the sensors that are still embedded in the asphalt.

You remember those days going down to the record store to pick out something new that you knew your parents would hate just to blast it from your player in your room? Ah, yes, good times. Well, if you want a little nostalgia, then the first place we suggest you visit while here in town is Rock-N-Roll Heaven. With thousands of old vinyl LPs to choose from amid vintage posters and accessories this is the best hardcore trip down memory lane.

Now if the weird and unusual is your thing, then we recommend checking out the tiny appliances and homes in Ron’s miniature shop. This store is dedicated to the art of crafting tiny things, tiny homes, tiny mailboxes, tiny appliances...and if not to start your own tiny hobby, then it’s worth a peek as it is the most notable of its kind. Another known, we wouldn’t say weird so much as interesting, location is Mosquito Lagoon. On Summer nights you can make out the bioluminescence shining through the water like thousands of tiny glow sticks. They hold tours of this truly cool phenomenal place during the Summer and early Fall.

No wonder we chose to service the Orlando area!

At our world-class dropzone in Orlando, you and you family/friends can experience behind-the-scenes action of skydiving in real-time. You’ll have the chance to chat with our approachable staff; maybe even glean some info out of their years of experience and ever-growing, yet fixed opinion about this awesome sport. We have dedicated a portion of our dropzone to act as a viewing area for family and friends to live vicariously through you as they watch you plummet and safely land back at our dropzone. We increase the overall quality of our experience by offering amenities like drinks, snacks, clothing, souvenirs and much more. We’ve outfitted our dropzone with a sleek and efficient design, coupled with high-definition displays that demo skydives from earlier that day so you can see what it's actually like beforehand. You’ll be able to see the look on their faces as the adrenaline rush suddenly hits them or even the beautiful background riddled with Orlando’s famous landscape!

Conveniently Serving 32801 and 61 other Orlando, Florida zipcodes:

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